This is how you keep Your Car Tires in Shape

Tires are an important part of every vehicle and thus they should be properly maintained. Proper maintenance enhances your safety on the road, it extends the life of the tires and it prevents some car issues. This is not hard as there are just basic things that you have to keep in mind. 

  • Inspecting the Tires after Every Two Weeks

Slow punctures can leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere. Tires should be checked on a regular basis and appropriate inflation is done. Doing this religiously will prevent possible issues such as puncture and you will have peace of mind knowing that the tires are in shape.

  • Ensure Proper Alignment

Tires should run straight and this is where wheel alignment comes in. To ensure that the wheels are running straight ahead, you should have an alignment program. The problem with misalignment is that it causes tread wear and apart from getting into trouble with traffic officers, this increases risks on the road.

  • Be Certain of the Inflation Level

The right inflation level boosts the longevity of the tires and it’s easy to get the most out of them. When it’s less, the tread wears fast while if it’s excess, there is a risk of bursting. Inflation levels vary thus it’s important that you are sure of the most appropriate. 

You are probably wondering how to be sure of the right inflation level! In some cars, you can find it on the inside of the driver’s door or else search on the internet. Another advantage of ensuring the right inflation level is that it improves gas mileage.

  • Rotate Tires

This might sound as if it can help with tire maintenance. It actually helps in the sense that when tires are rotated, the tread will wear evenly. Tires do not wear the same despite running at the same time. The back ones tend to wear quicker than the front ones. This is why they should be interchanged after every few months.

  • Drive at Moderate Speed

When tires run at a high speed, they will wear out quicker than when driving at low speed. Driving at more than 120kmp will see more wear of the tires, gas mileage reduces same as the treads. If you want them to serve you longer, it’s good to reduce your driving speed. It’s also crucial that you drive at a manageable speed in case of anything. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Car Headlights

Yellowed, cloudy or dirty headlights affect your vision when driving at night. Besides the discoloration, improperly aligned headlights is another challenge that drivers experience. It’s not safe to drive when your vision is significantly reduced and due to the importance of headlights, they should be fixed by a professional.

What should be done?

Despite the dirt or discoloration being a safety hazard while on the road, there are several ways that this can be fixed. This will improve vision and safety rather than being a safety hazard to other drivers. All you need is to take the car to a technician.

·         Have the Headlights Cleaned

If the headlights look dirty, then they should be cleaned, and this must be done by an expert. They use materials that remove the dirty whether it has been there for years or weeks leaving it sparkling clean. It will be clear which will improve vision. This should be the first option before you can consider a headlight replacement.

·         The Headlights should be Properly Aimed

If at night you notice that the headlights are focused on the ground rather than ahead, this is something that should be fixed as soon as possible. Because it simply means you cannot see as far as they are meant to, and this is a risk with passengers crossing the road, other vehicles in front or when there are potholes. The lenses are aimed properly by an expert to eliminate this problem.

·         The Bulbs should be Replaced

Perhaps the headlights are clean as new, but you still find that the light is not bright enough and you are struggling while driving. In such a case, for your own safety and that of other drivers, you should have brighter bulbs installed. They are inexpensive, and your visibility will be improved significantly.

It’s quite shocking to know that, dirty, cloudy and yellowed headlights can reduce your vision up to 90 percent. This is such a huge percentage and risk which it should not be allowed to happen putting into consideration there are easy ways to eliminate such a problem.

To ensure that the headlights are in perfect working condition, you can opt to have them inspected regularly. By knowing how effective they are, you will know when there is a problem. This will improve your safety on the road and for other drivers.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Car

At times, you want to own a car but you do not have enough money to purchase a brand new one. The good thing is that there are many cars out there that are in perfect shape and will serve you for a long time to come. Despite this, it can be quite tricky getting a car that is worth your money. You will need to do proper research and have a mechanic you trust with you when viewing the vehicles.

  • Do a Proper Research

When buying a used car, you do not settle for the first car that you see. To get a good car and a good deal, you need to do proper research. If you have to walk from one dealer to the other, do it. This will also help you in knowing how much you should spend on certain models and makes.

  • Work with a Budget

As you plan to buy the car, you should have a budget to work with and in no way that you should spend beyond that. But you should have a reasonable budget all the same. At times you might be tempted to spend more when you see a good car but only buy what you can afford. About the price, it is also important that you research on the resale prices and this way, dealers will not take advantage of you.

  • Know the Car that you want to buy

There is plenty of cars makes and models out there. You could opt for a Mercedes, Range Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and Mazda among many others. You need to know the type of car that you need and how much you are willing to spend on it. Do your own research since knowledge is power. This means that you will have some knowledge when purchasing the car which could give you some negotiating power.

  • Have a Mechanic to Evaluate the Car

To have the best deal and a car that will not bother you with mechanical issues, you need to have an experienced mechanic with you who can look at the quality and the features of the vehicle. They have a closer look at the vehicle and they can advise you whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

When you take your time to search for a used car, it will help you save money and in addition to that, you can get a car in good shape at a great deal. If you are not sure what to look out for, it’s best you work with an experienced mechanic.

Ways that you can save on Gas

You may have seen advertisements for fuel-saving devices and wondered if they actually work. While some say they are effective, others say they have not any significant changes. Gas prices having been going up and it would be a good idea to learn how you can save on gas without using these devices. Fuel prices will continue to rise thus you need to be a smart car owner.

Avoid Fast Driving

Driving fast is thrilling especially where the road is smooth and straight but if you are watching the fuel consumption of your car, you should avoid this. As your car increases drag which happens when you drive fast, the fuel consumption goes up. To save on gas, you should not accelerate abruptly and you should maintain the speed limit.

Anticipate Your Stops

Stopping abruptly does not only lead to more fuel consumption, but it also accelerates brake pads wearing out. This is the reason you should anticipate your stops. Keep distance between your car and that in front and also gradually step on the brakes when you are approaching traffic lights.

Reasons you Should Avoid Driving with the Low Fuel Light on

This is a huge risk. When you are on the road, you should have sufficient fuel and you should avoid the low fuel light as much as you can. One thing is that you are at a risk of running out of gas with no gas station nearby. It could also be in the middle of nowhere and this will cost you even more. There are things that you should avoid such as

  • Driving with the low light fuel permanently on
  • Estimating that you can go about 50km more when the light turns on
  • Don’t drive with an almost empty tank trying to find the cheapest gas

Driving with an almost empty tank comes with more risks that you could think. Yes you want to save money and find the cheapest gas station around, but you could end up spending more than you are trying to save.

  • The fuel gauge could be faulty and the gas could actually be lower than indicated
  • It can damage the car
  • You could end up replacing or repairing your catalytic converter

There are various ways that you can save on gas but this does not mean risking your safety or damaging the car. Your driving habits play a huge role in how much fuel and how your car consumes.

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Women

The number of women owning and driving cars has increased significantly over the years. Most women expect a mechanic to take care of their cars or they have someone who will check the fluids in their car, change their tires and take the car to a mechanic.

To many, this is a man’s job. Believing this is a huge risk and it is highly recommended that a woman has some basic knowledge of car maintenance. Gone are the days when a woman would have a puncture and just wait for roadside help.

  • Learn Basic Battery Issues

As a woman, it is crucial that you learn about common car battery issues. You leave the house in a hurry only to start a car that won’t start. You get confused and you have no one to assist you at that moment. Imagining that this could happen in a remote area is scary.

Learn how you can jump-start your car without the help of another car. The best way to ensure you won’t be inconvenienced this way is to have a battery charger with you.

  • Use the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual will help you understand more about your car. You get to learn what you should do at specific mileage milestones, what kinds of fluids to use such as anti-freeze, what the lights on the dashboard mean and even how much pressure you should keep the tires at. There is basically everything that you need to keep your car well maintained.

  • Learn More about the Tires


Maintaining the right tire pressure is very important. There are several things that you should learn about the tires. From adding air, knowing where the spare is placed, checking the pressure to changing in case of puncture, these are things that a woman should familiarize themselves with.

  • Get a Reliable Mechanic

A reliable mechanic is not the one who repairs your car when it has an issue, but they also give you tips on how you can maintain it. They will give you suggestions, teach you some basics about maintenance and even be available to guide you at any time. Have a number that you can call.

Car issues can happen anywhere at any time and it is worse when you are a woman. Learning some basics on how to fix such problems will be of great help. Changing a tire, detecting an engine or battery issue is not rocket science.

Use your knowledgeable friends or family members, your mechanic and even the car manual from the manufacturer to learn more about your car.

Dealing With Automotive Brake Booster Issues

There are various problems that you can experience with your brake booster. This is a device that helps when you need to stop or slow down. One of the best things about this automotive device is that it slows the car down within seconds which helps a great deal in case of emergency brakes.

Despite its importance, you can experience some issues with the booster and the best thing is that you can troubleshoot most of them.

  • You Hear Some Air Noise

Air can get into the filter of the brake booster leading to some noise. The noise you hear it under the dash. Although this can bother you, the good thing is it is not a major issue. By moving the silencer around, you can reduce the noise.

  • Hard to Push Brake Pedal

At some point, the brake pedal may be hard to push when the brake booster is failing. If the piston, hose or valve is worn out, it leads to fluid leakage or a vacuum issue. When it becomes hard to engage the brake pedal, this could be a sign of a disaster in the making. The best solution is to have the brake booster replaced by an expert.

  • The Brake Pedal Won’t Return to Its Place

You probably pushed the brake pedal with ease but on releasing it, it is stuck and the brake light will not go off. One reason for this according to automotive specialists is that the problem could be with the brake booster spring. When it’s broken or faulty, the brake pedal will be stuck on releasing it and you may notice some heating issues as well. Get the spring replaced.

  • How the Brake Booster Operate

This important device in every vehicle needs to be well maintained for it to operate with ease. Placed between the brake pedal and the master cylinder, it uses the vacuum of the engine to operate. As soon as the brake pedal is pushed, the booster gets to work making the car stop fast.

It’s of prime importance that your brake booster is not only in good condition, but it is also of high quality. Imagine trying to stop the car in an emergency and the brakes fail you just because the booster is a substandard one! This will definitely lead to a serious consequence. If you notice any of the above issues, visit an automotive expert.

The Importance Of Car Removal Services

Car removal is not as uncommon as people might think. It has come to be part and parcel of the day to day life of human beings. Towing companies and car wrecker companies have come into existence for several reasons.

Take for instance ABCM Car Removal. A wrecking company who provide car removal services in the local area of Newcastle, NSW. They help people remove unwanted cars from their property and in turn pay them for the hunk of junk. Most people are amazed they can get money for their scrap car. But this company is happy as they can resell the parts or sell the car to scrap metal dealers.

The truth is most people do not know how to deal with their wreckage and old vehicles. In most cases, people require help when it comes to getting rid of their unused and under-utilized cars. The disposal of cars is vital for some people and to the society. Having a reliable and safe way to actually dispose of the wreckages is quite important and vital to the community.

Personal Gain

The car owner tends to have some benefits when their car is towed. The most obvious benefit an individual can get is cash one gets in exchange for their car. As much as the car is considered junk by the rest of the society, the company tends to pay up when a vehicle is released to them.

By relinquishing your car to the towing company or auto recyclers company the individual gets to increase their garage space. The individual will also have the luxury of getting rid of their old car without lifting a finger. The best part of the process is that once the company is called they will do all the work and a person’s work will remain just to give up their rights.

Saving space

Car removal from someone’s compound will help to increase the space utilized. Space could as well be used more productively instead of an old car being packed over there. The car is utilized usefully since they are used for their spare parts. With the necessary repairs and putting the spare parts to good use then the car becomes quite important than it being a sitting duck in a person’s backyard.



Environment conservation

The removal of old cars helps ensure that the environment remains safe and clean. The removal of old cars from the roads and the environment helps since they are known to emit toxic gases which are harmful to the members of the society. Newer cars emit less toxic gases compared to the older ones. Today manufacturing companies are looking into designing cars that use less fuel or none at all, therefore it has become quite necessary to get rid of all the old cars.

Provide materials for repair and manufacturing

When the cars get to the companies after being towed they are checked out and all their parts that are in good condition are taken. The good parts are sold to car owners or spare parts sellers. These parts are used in the replacement of parts in other cars for affordable prices.

This helps in the saving of money since newer parts tend to be more expensive than the second-hand parts. The second-hand spare parts are genuine parts which will be quite cheap compared to what they go for as new and this is due to the fact that they come at discounted prices.

The body frames of these cars are removed and sold to other companies where they can be melted and used as raw materials. These reduce the cost for mining companies since they get the raw materials without necessarily going to mine. This will conserve the earth and reduce the workload that would have to be incurred during mining.

There are several companies that are responsible for towing old cars away. They pay quite well for these cars and they tend to give the manufacturers and mechanics the value of their money.

How Can Repossessed Cars Be Recovered?

When your car is seized, you may feel desperate, ashamed or simply furious. Maybe the loss of your job or an illness caused your financial problems. Maybe you were reckless about the payments. But the financial company or the bank does not care why you do not make your payments, especially if you have not had any contact with the owner of the vehicle.


The financial companies and the banks and will make several attempts to reach an agreement with their credit subjects when the payments of a car are late. The best solution is to try to avoid the embargo by negotiating with the finance officer. Try to find a solution that everyone can adjust to. Do not ignore the situation. Acknowledge the problem and ask for help.


If it’s too late and they’ve already taken your car, you can still get it back. Some banks and finance companies will come to an agreement with you. They may ask you to pay all late payments (in addition to towing or garnishing charges) so you can recover your car. They can even give you a tolerant time to do it.


The finance company can insist that the loan is paid in full within a certain period of time so that you can recover your car. It is possible that this period can be negotiated. Ask for any time span between a week and a month, depending on how much the company wants to support you. Storage charges may be charged for the time the car was stored.


It may be that you get the necessary funds to recover your car, perhaps a friend or a relative will lend you. Make sure you find out exactly how much money the finance company will accept to return your car. If you send less than the agreed amount, the company will simply apply that amount to the debit balance and keep the car.


If you are completely unable to raise the funds for yourself, try to sell the car for the remaining balance of the loan. Take the buyer with you to the company and have the buyer pay off the loan The bank will deliver the car to the buyer once the loan is settled. This may not be an ideal situation, because you will still be without a car, but you will keep your credit.

Credit history

Talk to your finance officer as soon as you start having difficulties making payments on your car. You can refinance your loan if you have already paid a good part of it. Refinancing before you get the car is always the best option, instead of finding a way to get it back once the company is forced to take it away.

How to make a good deal when selling your old car

If you’re selling your old car, it doesn’t mean that you have to give it away for free. If you think that you can make a good deal but don’t know how we’re here to help! We gathered the best selling tips from dealers and we’re sure they will help you to make a better deal. Keep reading and apply these tips in the selling process of your old car.

Clean your car and give it an awesome look

You will be surprised how to clean car can raise the price during the process of selling. The dust, stains, dirt, bird poop and messy interior will only contribute to your car’s cheap appearance. Even the best looking car looks ugly when dirty, so make sure you clean it before you make a deal. You can mention the clean interior and exterior to your potential buyer to raise the price.

Mention that you’ve been taking good care of the car and it’s properly maintained. Convince the potential buyer that you love your car but have to sell it due to private reasons. However, make sure you mention that your reasons aren’t related to the car performance or history. Give your car an awesome and clean outlook and we promise you will get a good deal when selling it. Make it look as ‘new’ as possible and think like a car dealer.

Replace the floor mats mention the modifications when making a deal

Replacing the floor mats is an easy and cheap trick to get a better deal. Clean and new floor mats always work better than the dirty, worn ones. And don’t forget to mention the modifications you’ve made before you decided to sell the car. Repairs and modifications always raise the price of your old car when selling.

Repair the obvious flaws and get the car serviced

It’s a smart idea to check your car before you decide to sell it. Make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it. Get it serviced and check the brakes, tire pressure, and fix the obvious flaws if there are any. Make sure the keyless work properly, replace the battery in the key fob and mention that while making a deal. Although you know that it costs only $5 for a new battery, maybe the buyer doesn’t. However, if the car you’re about to sell requires big repairs, don’t do them unless they increase its value.

Determine a fair price and be honest! Honesty always works when making a good deal

Price your car realistically and earn the trust of your potential buyer. Mention all the recent repairs and modifications. Mention the clean interior and exterior. The functionality of the car. Mention that you love your car and we’re taking good care of it.

Mention that selling is not related to the car’s history or condition. And most important of all – offer a test drive! This is a trick that works in 90% of the cases. Once the potential buyer connects with the car while driving, it will be harder for them to turn down your deal.

Things Your Mechanic Won’t Tell You Regarding Your Service

There’s a ‘knowledge gap’ between customers and businesses and that’s how extra money is made in the business world today.

According to statistics, customers always pay more for necessary services because they don’t actually know how and when to push back.

The same goes for the automotive business. Many mechanics won’t tell you a lot of things. Instead they attempt to take as much extra money as they can from your pocket.

However, that’s why we exist! Today, we’ll reveal a few important things your mechanic won’t tell you when it comes to improving your car’s efficiency.

Not All Mechanics Are Equal

When you need to repair your car or your car is in need of maintenance, you have a lot of choices where to take it. You can choose a car dealer, a chain-store franchise, a department or a single mechanic who owns their own service station. You should choose where to take your car depending on the type of service you need, your car’s condition and age.

However, if you take your car to the wrong garage, no mechanic will tell you that someone else may provide you a better service. Keep that in mind and research before you take your vehicle to any garage.

Some Maintenance is Best Left to the Specialists

According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, mechanics should be specialized in 8 automotive fields, including electrical systems, brakes, engines, heating, air conditioning and more. When you take your car in to a service station, always check if the mechanic who will be working on your car has certificates for the work you require.

These certificates should be renewed every five years. However, don’t always rely on fancy papers but ask for customer reviews. If they don’t have reviews or won’t share them with you, think twice before you leave your car in the hands of a mysterious and uncooperative person. Even if they can’t fix your car properly, they will never tell you to ask for another mechanic or ask for a second opinion about a repair or maintenance problem.

Not All Repair Work Will Be Necessary

But of course they will still charge you extra for it.

It’s a legendary story. You leave your car to the mechanic and when you come back, they point out the additional repairs they’ve made without asking. In other words, they obligate you to pay for something you didn’t ask, which is frustrating! However, in order to avoid this, point out that you don’t want any additional repairs before you leave your car in the hands of some mechanic.

Beware of Getting Charged For Work Not Completed

Whether it happens on purpose or by mistake, either way – it happens!

Imagine you drop your car off at the service station to have the filters, belts, and fluids replaced. However, all the professional mechanics are currently busy and the mechanic who will be working on your car is hired yesterday. We’re not saying that he sucks at his work, but due to stress or confusion, he might forget to replace some of the parts you asked for.

In order to avoid this, always ask to see the old parts, and attempt to inspect the new parts installed on your car.