How to make a good deal when selling your old car

If you’re selling your old car, it doesn’t mean that you have to give it away for free. If you think that you can make a good deal but don’t know how we’re here to help! We gathered the best selling tips from dealers and we’re sure they will help you to make a better deal. Keep reading and apply these tips in the selling process of your old car.

Clean your car and give it an awesome look

You will be surprised how to clean car can raise the price during the process of selling. The dust, stains, dirt, bird poop and messy interior will only contribute to your car’s cheap appearance. Even the best looking car looks ugly when dirty, so make sure you clean it before you make a deal. You can mention the clean interior and exterior to your potential buyer to raise the price.

Mention that you’ve been taking good care of the car and it’s properly maintained. Convince the potential buyer that you love your car but have to sell it due to private reasons. However, make sure you mention that your reasons aren’t related to the car performance or history. Give your car an awesome and clean outlook and we promise you will get a good deal when selling it. Make it look as ‘new’ as possible and think like a car dealer.

Replace the floor mats mention the modifications when making a deal

Replacing the floor mats is an easy and cheap trick to get a better deal. Clean and new floor mats always work better than the dirty, worn ones. And don’t forget to mention the modifications you’ve made before you decided to sell the car. Repairs and modifications always raise the price of your old car when selling.

Repair the obvious flaws and get the car serviced

It’s a smart idea to check your car before you decide to sell it. Make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it. Get it serviced and check the brakes, tire pressure, and fix the obvious flaws if there are any. Make sure the keyless work properly, replace the battery in the key fob and mention that while making a deal. Although you know that it costs only $5 for a new battery, maybe the buyer doesn’t. However, if the car you’re about to sell requires big repairs, don’t do them unless they increase its value.

Determine a fair price and be honest! Honesty always works when making a good deal

Price your car realistically and earn the trust of your potential buyer. Mention all the recent repairs and modifications. Mention the clean interior and exterior. The functionality of the car. Mention that you love your car and we’re taking good care of it.

Mention that selling is not related to the car’s history or condition. And most important of all – offer a test drive! This is a trick that works in 90% of the cases. Once the potential buyer connects with the car while driving, it will be harder for them to turn down your deal.