Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Women

The number of women owning and driving cars has increased significantly over the years. Most women expect a mechanic to take care of their cars or they have someone who will check the fluids in their car, change their tires and take the car to a mechanic.

To many, this is a man’s job. Believing this is a huge risk and it is highly recommended that a woman has some basic knowledge of car maintenance. Gone are the days when a woman would have a puncture and just wait for roadside help.

  • Learn Basic Battery Issues

As a woman, it is crucial that you learn about common car battery issues. You leave the house in a hurry only to start a car that won’t start. You get confused and you have no one to assist you at that moment. Imagining that this could happen in a remote area is scary.

Learn how you can jump-start your car without the help of another car. The best way to ensure you won’t be inconvenienced this way is to have a battery charger with you.

  • Use the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual will help you understand more about your car. You get to learn what you should do at specific mileage milestones, what kinds of fluids to use such as anti-freeze, what the lights on the dashboard mean and even how much pressure you should keep the tires at. There is basically everything that you need to keep your car well maintained.

  • Learn More about the Tires


Maintaining the right tire pressure is very important. There are several things that you should learn about the tires. From adding air, knowing where the spare is placed, checking the pressure to changing in case of puncture, these are things that a woman should familiarize themselves with.

  • Get a Reliable Mechanic

A reliable mechanic is not the one who repairs your car when it has an issue, but they also give you tips on how you can maintain it. They will give you suggestions, teach you some basics about maintenance and even be available to guide you at any time. Have a number that you can call.

Car issues can happen anywhere at any time and it is worse when you are a woman. Learning some basics on how to fix such problems will be of great help. Changing a tire, detecting an engine or battery issue is not rocket science.

Use your knowledgeable friends or family members, your mechanic and even the car manual from the manufacturer to learn more about your car.