Dealing With Automotive Brake Booster Issues

There are various problems that you can experience with your brake booster. This is a device that helps when you need to stop or slow down. One of the best things about this automotive device is that it slows the car down within seconds which helps a great deal in case of emergency brakes.

Despite its importance, you can experience some issues with the booster and the best thing is that you can troubleshoot most of them.

  • You Hear Some Air Noise

Air can get into the filter of the brake booster leading to some noise. The noise you hear it under the dash. Although this can bother you, the good thing is it is not a major issue. By moving the silencer around, you can reduce the noise.

  • Hard to Push Brake Pedal

At some point, the brake pedal may be hard to push when the brake booster is failing. If the piston, hose or valve is worn out, it leads to fluid leakage or a vacuum issue. When it becomes hard to engage the brake pedal, this could be a sign of a disaster in the making. The best solution is to have the brake booster replaced by an expert.

  • The Brake Pedal Won’t Return to Its Place

You probably pushed the brake pedal with ease but on releasing it, it is stuck and the brake light will not go off. One reason for this according to automotive specialists is that the problem could be with the brake booster spring. When it’s broken or faulty, the brake pedal will be stuck on releasing it and you may notice some heating issues as well. Get the spring replaced.

  • How the Brake Booster Operate

This important device in every vehicle needs to be well maintained for it to operate with ease. Placed between the brake pedal and the master cylinder, it uses the vacuum of the engine to operate. As soon as the brake pedal is pushed, the booster gets to work making the car stop fast.

It’s of prime importance that your brake booster is not only in good condition, but it is also of high quality. Imagine trying to stop the car in an emergency and the brakes fail you just because the booster is a substandard one! This will definitely lead to a serious consequence. If you notice any of the above issues, visit an automotive expert.