Affordable and Effective Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Car improvement is not as complex or as expensive as many think. In fact, it can be very easy and cheap, only if you follow some steps. Are you currently considering to improve your car’s performance? If yes, we’re here to help with a few affordable and effective automotive tips to do it effectively and cheap.

However, before you do anything, can you remember when the last time you checked your tire pressure was? We ask because it’s the first basic thing you need to pay more attention to.  Inflate your tires properly and keep reading. We have a few more automotive tips for you on how to improve your car’s performance.

Add lightness in your car by removing all the junk

It’s almost unbelievable how much weight can the junk you keep in your car but don’t need, adds unnecessary weight. Remove all the things you don’t need from your trunk and backseat and you will be surprised how your car will shine.

Although it seems like a small change, getting your car cleaned will certainly improve its performance. First, because there wouldn’t be much weight to carry around. And second, because you will feel better and drive better in a clean car. Keeping unnecessary junk in your vehicle can only damage your car.

Don’t save money on oil and change it properly and regularly

Never save money on your car’s oil and always use synthetic with a bit lower viscosity oil. And most important of all – change it properly and regularly. That way you will keep your car happier and improve its performance for sure. It’s like buying the best and most delicious ice cream for a child to be calm and happy!

Replace the old, rubbing bushings with polyurethane bushings

This is a more effective way to improve the performance of an older car with miles on it. However, you won’t make a mistake if you change the rubber bushings in your newer car. It will certainly make a difference in the performance. Your vehicle will feel more agile, tighter and much powerful the first time you drive it after changing the bushings.

Replacing the old air filter and spark plugs can certainly improve your car’s performance

If you give your car more air and fire, you will definitely get extra horsepower. And if that’s not improving a car performance, we don’t know what is.

Replace your old head unit or AUX port

Although it seems like an unnecessary change, getting a new head unit or AUX port will improve the quality of your car. How? Well, it won’t make your car go faster, but with good music, you will always drive better and your car will be grateful for your excellent driving!

Install a strut tower brace

It will make an immediate difference in handling and it’s pretty cheap and easy to build in. However, if there’s no kit available, make one of your own out of steel.

Buy a good set of tires and keep them constantly inflated

Good tires make a huge difference in your car’s performance. Buying the right tires will make your car faster and keep you safer on the road. However, it’s not only buying the tires that matter. You need to keep them constantly inflated.